diver marine contracting LLC


The Divers Group own two under water trenching machines, The Mole and The Dentist. Each machine has been designed and fabricated in house and offer a cost effective solution to underwater trenching projects for utilities and telecommunications clients.

Each unit is surface controlled using joystick technology and are fitted with GPS tracking, TV, video and DVD writing technology so the Client and operator are able to observe the unit whilst in operation and monitor performance.

When operating, the machine is capable of pulling the work support barge due to it being fully manoeuvrable on its own via its tracked undercarriage negating the requirement for expensive tug boats.

Working either on dry land or in water depths up to 75m, trenches 1.2m in width and up to 2.2m in depth can be cut with the material being removed using four powerful in-built dredge pumps. Both machines are capable of working in all soil types and have been extensively tested in-house. Even cutting through reinforced concrete does not pose any difficulties for these unique machines.

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