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Many of the world’s most iconic man-made islands have been formed by land reclamation. These projects are diverse ranging from projects for residential purposes to those required for major infrastructure projects such as airports. Artificial islands vary in size from small islets reclaimed solely to support a single pillar as part of a pier or jetty type structure to those that support large communities and buildings.

The Divers Group have constructed many off-shore artificial islands by winning reclamation material, constructing rock revetments, breakwaters and causeways for private individuals, military purposes, utility requirements and for port operators.

Our in house design team are able to offer solutions that will provide additional land off-shore for construction of single buildings that offer privacy and security, small islands for construction of mooring dolphins and jetties to larger islands for infrastructure purposes. We are able to construct islands without the need of any third party contractors as we own all specialist equipment required for construction including dredgers, rock barges, soil compaction rigs and rock handling equipment.