diver marine contracting LLC


We are one on of the Leading Marine Contracting company in Middle East

We possess 27 years of experience in the undersea excavation and dredging. Keeping waterways and ports navigable, creation of new ports, coastal protection, land reclamation, the winning of sands and gravels are key objectives of dredging activities. The dredging industry is an important construction market and is responsible for delivering some of the world’s most iconic projects.

The Divers Group have a wide experience in dredging and land reclamation and have executed projects in various locations across the Gulf and African Region. Our owned equipment has been engineered specifically to deliver bulk volumes of sand and aggregate, deepening of ports, harbours and waterways in addition to general maintenance dredging to ensure water ways remain clear and safe to navigate. We pride ourselves on being one of the most consistent and sort after dredging service providers in the GCC and beyond.

Our Company guarantees high quality and schedules performance for all kinds of Dredging and Reclamation works as:

»  Dredging and Reclamation for the new port construction or existing port reconstruction
» Dredging new waterways in harbors, inland waters and offshore areas
» Dredging to maintain existing waterways depth
» Replacement of bottom ground
» Delivery of dredge materials (sand, gravel) to building sites
» Trench dredging for underwater pipelines and cables
» Underwater pipelines and cables protection
» Shore protection and beach restoration
» Survey and underwater inspection of dredged areas, dumping grounds and approaches
» Underwater engineering works
» Integrated design and engineering
» Hydro-technical works

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