diver marine contracting LLC


Divers Group own and operate several beach cleaning units. Each unit collects debris from the beach using a series of stainless steel tines fixed to a conveyor arranged in 1.2m rows. The tines lift the sand removing waste such as small broken glass, plastic, cigarette ends, straws, cans, stones from 1cm to 15cm in diameter, sea grass, sea weed, fish and small pieces of wood. Removal of the waste improves the overall beach condition and improves public safety. The tines also aerate the sand preventing over-compaction which makes sand hard under foot.

Waste material is collected within the unit with a 1,600kg capacity for later disposal off site. The beach cleaners are towed by tractor unit and are single person operation being able to clean up to 20,000 sq.m per hour operating at low speed reducing public safety concerns.

Finishing is achieved by integral mould boarded deflector plate at the leading edge of the machine to level the beach prior to cleaning and have an in-built finishing attachment to smooth the sand and eliminate tyre marks for a minimum 2.74m wide path.

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