diver marine contracting LLC


The first company under the Divers Group umbrella was established in 1988 as a small marine contracting company primarily focused on underwater diving operations. Over the years these small beginnings have evolved the Divers Group into a multi-disciplinary international operation covering a broad spectrum of activities and services. The name Divers Group has become synonymous with reliability, commitment, quality and prompt delivery in all fields in which the Group operates. The foundation the Group has constructed is based on one key underlying principle, long term partnership with our Clients.

In 2012, a long term strategic decision was taken to expand the business outside its core operating area of the UAE. In the last three years we have expanded our operations into West Africa executing marine civil engineering contracts, land development and infrastructure investments in Gabon, offering marine civil engineering and consultancy services in Benin and agriculture and hospitality development in Morocco. Our activities are supported by our sister company Divers Marine Consulting (UK) Limited based in London.

Our latest venture sees the Divers group name associated with port concession operations under build, own, operate and transfer arrangements with further plans to expand into the mining and quarrying sectors. In the next 5 to 10 years, the Divers Group will be investing upwards of $250M in major infrastructure projects in East Africa and establishing a property management portfolio based in Western Europe.

It makes me immensely proud to be the Chairman of the Divers Group of Companies. Our achievements in the last five years are the results of continually being the best we are able to be. It is the human element in an organization that truly embodies the organization’s culture and this is also true of the Divers Group of companies. We owe a significant measure of our success to our dedicated and committed staff, which has worked together as a team to ensure that our growth continues.

A.M. Darwish
Divers Group of Companies

As a Group of Companies, we are controlling mostly the biggest beach & port construction works